Something Bigger


We're currently redesigning the website into something bigger.

I love the music so much. It's far more that just the drip, drip of ideas that I'm lucky to hear in my head that get turned into We Are All Astronauts pieces. There's so much incredible ambient and electronica music out there that I wish I'd discovered yesterday.

I remember finding Helios "First Dream Called Ocean" and feeling my musical world tilt on its axis. I remember wandering through London with Benn Jordan's tribute to Carl Sagan playing, spellbound at how the soundtrack altered my perception of the world around me. I remember sitting down to listen to the self-titled album by "A Winged Victory For The Sullen, and melting into a world I've never quite left.

My journey to this place has been long an circuitous, from jungle and happy hardcore cassettes, to Pete Tong's Essential Selection, Dave Seaman and Hernan Cattaneo on Renaissance compilations, Eric Prydz at Amnesia, to enough house and trance vinyl to collapse a ceiling. Some of it is comical now, but it all led to this point, so I wouldn't change any of it. It was a process of discovery that has totally defined my life experiences and my closest friends.

With this in mind, we're currently redesigning the website into something bigger. We Are All Astronauts will be a place to discover the sound and visuals with us and with other like-minded crate-diggers. Maybe some of you music lovers here will have taken a similar journey to us, or maybe you're just beginning to explore music. Either way, we hope to connect you to incredible music and incredibly talented audio and visual artists through their work and conversations with them. And hopefully there'll be plenty more of our own music too... get on the newsletter to be the first to hear about everything.

Come with us on a journey.